Learn Real Estate Investing from Those Flipping Guys from the hit show Flip Wars: Buying Blind on A&E and FYI!
 Dive into 3 days of killer knowledge in a LIVE course designed to lay all the proper groundwork for your Real Estate Investing business.
3 Day Intensive Program
This exclusive opportunity provides you with a full immersion three-day training   using the Those Flipping Guys Business System and Technology.
Formulas for Success
Learn Those Flipping Guys' blueprint for making 7 figures a year in Real Estate Investing and how to set yourself up for success from the start.
Areas of the Business
Learn the different areas of Real Estate Investing, including Wholesaling, Rehab/Fix & Flip, and Buy & Hold for Rental Income.
Do you really want to get started doing Real Estate Investing? 

Then you HAVE TO come hang out with Those Flipping Guys for three days and let us give you the proper foundation! Be prepared for the good, the Bad, and the UGLY!
You Will Also Learn:
  •  Scripts & Jargon: Learn how to work with all the different players in this business in every situation, including Buyers, Sellers, Negotiations, Hard Money Lenders, Realtors. 
  •  Finding Deals: Get practice making live sales calls and get first-hand critiques by experts in the industry. 
  •  Contractors: Learn how to find and interview the right contractors.
  •  Rehab Evalutions: Learn how to evaluate Rehabs to decide if they are financially worthwhile. 
  •  Web Presence: Learn how to setup your social media, web domain, and more.
  •  Deal Analysis: Learn the stages of comping a property and how to make an ROI analysis.
  •  Funding A Deal: Learn how to find Hard Money Lenders and Private Lenders in your area. Learn techniques for getting loans, raising capital, and paying off your properties.
  •  Closing A Deal: Learn the ins and outs of contracts, leases, titles, and more. 
  •  Marketing Techniques: Learn how to use pay-per-click adds, social media, and direct mail to get leads.
  •  What Mistakes to Avoid: Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of real estate investing.
  •  Technology: Learn the sites and groups to join, where to get lists of cash buyers and neighborhood statistics, the best comping programs, and more.
  •  Much Much More…
Bonus: 12-Month Access to Sip Club Membership
Sip Club Membership Includes:
  •    Access to Monthly Webinar: Business-building sessions are designed to develop members’ entrepreneurial skills and dive deep into the implementation of crucial aspects and systems within your business.
  •  Virtual DVD: Learn How to Make Six Figures in Real Estate in this Virtual Video Program.
  •  Case Studies: Monthly case studies of recently closed deals. Each case study provides a full rundown of the deal including the obstacles encountered and how they were handled.
  •  Market Trends & Tips: Get the latest industry information, facts, and tips.
  •  Marketing Tools: Get tips and marketing samples to help market yourself and your business.
  •  Deal Submission: Get an opportunity to have your deal reviewed by a Those Flipping Guy mentor.
  •  Document Library: Get sample contracts, addendums, and more.
  •  Access to Hot Deals: Get access to Those Flipping Guys'  latest listings.
  •  And Much More...

What Others Are Saying:

"The program was excellent. They gave us a lot of ideas as far as how to find properties that normally would be a little harder to find, even though we come across a lot of them. They gave a lot of great advice and tips on how to actually get it."

- Xochilt Bermudez, Commercial Realtor at Related ISG

"The Flipping Guys were extremely knowledgeable and very open and willing to share their secrets of the trade. They were very professional and they don’t take shortcuts. After this seminar today I’m truly more knowledgeable about how to go about flipping homes and even educate my buyers and investors on how to go about it. I definitely look forward to doing business with them in the future."

- Joe Azar, Associate Broker at Related ISG

About Those Flipping Guys
Gene Schroeder and Angelo D’Alessandro have been flipping deals together since 2002. They work with a team of energetic like-minded investors and realtors and are always looking to add to their team, both inside and outside of their company. They flip 10-15 properties per month, including all types of properties, such as homes, condos, land, and apartment buildings. Additionally, they try to acquire a few deals per year for their rental portfolio. They like the quick lump sum profits that flipping properties affords coupled with the long- term residual profits from the rentals.

Successful entrepreneurs, Gene and Angelo have been involved in all facets of the business and are now the stars numerous reality TV shows, including Those Flipping Guys and A&E's Flip Wars: Buying Blnd.